General Grooming/Yard Work, Competition Preparation and Competition Grooming

£10 per hour - yard work or grooming at a competition

Mane/Tail Pull £10

Mane/Tail Plait £15



I bring my own clippers and equipment; if you would prefer me to use yours then a £5 discount will apply

Full Clip (incl. head AND legs) £45

Full Clip (incl. head OR legs) £40

Hunter Clip (excl. head/legs/saddle-patch) £35

Blanket Clip £30

Trace Clip £25

Belly/Neck & Chaser Clip £20


Nutritional Advice

£30 per horse


HGV Driving

£15 per hour

£5 per hour waiting time (£10 per hour if grooming/helping at the event/show)



£20 per day (to include a cat)

£25 per day (to include a dog)

£30 per day (to include a horse)

These prices are intended as a rough guide only, other animals and larger numbers of pets will be quoted on request



£10 per hour



£10 per session of lunging or long-reining.

Riding prices are subject to discussion.

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