Work picked up again this month; I took on an extra job for 3 weeks checking some polo ponies that were still on their winter holidays! They were based just around the corner from one of my other jobs on a large chicken farm, I just had to go out into the fields once a day and check the ponies still had their rugs on and secure and they were in good health. Unfortunately on a couple of occasions I also had to rescue a drowned chicken out of the horses’ water troughs, all in a days work!!!

This month I also had a car disaster with a flat tyre, with the mileage I do on a day-to-day basis and the state of the roads it is inevitable I will drive in potholes and you can only be lucky so many times! Never mind, it was a case of Dad to the rescue who changed the tyre and I was off on the road again!

I also clipped a horse this month, March is usually the time of last clips before the summer but few horses had been moulting due to the weather staying so cold so I’ve been out with the clippers more than usual in anticipation of some warmer days.

It was my birthday on the 15th too so I took the afternoon off work and spent the evening celebrating with friends and also managed a restful weekend which was a nice break!

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